"Where all veterans in time, unite to get their homeless back home...to family."


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Our positioning: There are many Veterans organizations which effectively divide vets into different groups each caught up in their own cause that ignores their common cause and dilutes their potential impact. . . feeding  a few egos and achieving less than they could be . . . ., which dilute their impact. . weakening their united voice. . .

Existing Veterans organizations, don't push for the most important legislative agendas: WE CARE & DO, and are not waiting any longer to address the obvious, that others are avoiding.    We have joined many national groups to support obvious agendas, that just didn’t happen.   With a backlog of almost a million service connected disability cases. . . .we had to step forward and do this.

Management from Vietnam Vets doesn't care if it dies, or doesn't help other vets. . .WE CARE ABOUT ALL VETS

Any combat veteran coming into the VA system should be checked on entry, to see if they qualify for “service connected benefits”. . . ie, Your father or grandfather could be in the VA system for 20 yrs on co pay means basis, until they applied for "service connected disability benefits," This is wrong.

We have worked helping vets for many years.  When our local Chapter died out, a handful of the old timers just decided to do this their way,  taking the spirit of dying group, to build another our way. . . open to all branches in all time.  We help all vets, especially the homeless ones, to get them to sanctuary, safe housing, and services that will bring them all the way back home, to US. . . . .WE CARE ABOUT ALL VETS

Veterans files should be digitized for a paperless retrieval system, THEY ARE NOT. . . YOUR DAD'S FILE IS PHYSICALLY CARRIED FROM ONE OFFICE TO ANOTHER. . . . and gets lost all the time, and slows down the process. WE THINK THIS MUST BE CHANGED YESTERDAY!

No other organization would insist on an open membership that promotes for these kinds of changes. . . .

The next thing we will do, nobody is doing.. . .to get newer vets AND THEIR FAMILIES, support that is confidential and not on any VA records or any medical records. .. .to protect their future employability, which prevents them from accepting any formal help or support from normal VA channels. . .


Have questions? Contact Veterans United for Veterans, Inc. at contact@veteransunitedforveterans.org