"Where all veterans in time, unite to get their homeless back home...to family."

ABOUT: Veterans United For Veterans came out of a small group of Vietnam Vets who had been helping other vets for many years, and when their local chapter eventually closed, they decided to take that spirit and create a new option that would continue their work, but be open to all veterans, not just from this group or that group. All branches, for all branches focused on all eras from WW I to the most recent, and most importantly the most affected and estranged from family & community . . . the homeless vets, and a vetís voice for obvious reform that nobody was talking about.

MISSION: Bring together all veterans together in time, forming a common ground support group for Homeless Vets . . . . the primary agenda for all, and then all families. . . to keep them together through new measures outside the box, using social media to address coping mechanisms heretofore unavailable.   Volunteers will produce short pieces for families to use, to understand the mechanics of PTSD and families, which bring them back together, following their return home.


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Have questions? Contact Veterans United for Veterans, Inc. at contact@veteransunitedforveterans.org