"Where all veterans in time, unite to get their homeless back home...to family."


What Does it Mean to Become a Member?

  • Means your membership supports real changes that make a real difference for Homeless Vets, and all veteransí families.   Veteran Discounts at area businesses, and access to out of the box resources that will inform and bring vets families together., while supporting  . . . people who are finding and bringing in homeless veterans, to safe space and habitat within walking distance of a VA Hospital.

  • You now belong to "another veterans group that is drastically different" that just takes care of the obvious that isnít presently addressed.   Real changes  and not a lot of time spent on ceremonies, meetings and protocols with  rules of order, and spending time you don't have on stuff that doesnít  make a real difference. 

  • You get first hand details of what's happening with cases in your area, and eventually meet the homeless that were recovered, and families that changed their understanding, and improved their daily lives.

  • Dads have been marginalized in their own households.  Moms become a buffer between dads and the kids, which undermines the vet connect, and alienates the family from the father. . . .unnecessarily!   Our coaching reverses this trend. . .points out the mediaís harm to the fatherís  image and role in the family and society. . . push back. . .find respect. . .that other forces would destroy.

  • Non ďexpertĒ common sense out of the box tools that work. . . Unfortunately, combat vets donít care and donít hear non essential issues. . . . . so, they donít talk. . .or answer. . . which gets feelings hurt and misunderstood. . . be made aware of little changes that make Big Differences in the family fabric everywhere.

  • Have access to programs for their families that teach and test for child safety and security training. . . .personal financial resources that give you an understanding of your money's potential,  as recommended by people like Venita Van Caspel.. . .certified financial consultant. . .the insurance and financial services industry dislike for their truths.

  • Access to options that just work . . .better than everything media is offering!  Survival group basics.   . kidsí scouts groups teaching survival & safety information taught by vets kids and families with lessons and field trips.     Basic common sense stuff that reconnects fathers & mothers, with kids  and real issues.   Car basics, safety basics, first aid basics, etiquette basics, how to tie a tie basics, how to check the oil. water. . and tire pressures. . .why it matters.

  • Tutorials for families on what to do and not do on a routine traffic stop, how to tools, and vet voice discounts of  10 percent from local retailers, workshops for vets and family that show the dynamics of veteran estrangement with spouse and family.   Vets Voice Sitcoms  .   Stress Busters

  • More importantly claims assistance basic tutorials with practice games for agent orange, desert medical anomalies skin conditions, and other issues that have no solutions here.

  • Workshops on real issues that warrant awareness and pressure from lobbyists to do what should have been done long ago. . . .

Do we have all of the above now?   No, of course not. . . but as membership grows thatís where we go. . . .we will always be a work in progress, but members will know why weíre becoming the best group to belong to, that others will scramble to imitate and copy. . . . .bring it on!   For applicants that donít have a computer or canít type and donít have anyone to do this for you. . .itís ok. . .just write us and enclose the payment and information separately.  

Membership Agreement based on honor code and common sense, . . . . we reserve the right to decline applications based on our confidential criteria, i.e. IF YOU CANíT BE RESPECTFUL WITH OTHER VETS, WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN, DONíT BOTHER TO APPLY.  



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Have questions? Contact Veterans United for Veterans, Inc. at contact@veteransunitedforveterans.org